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People say the Schneider verse is confusing with all Schneiders shows it is very confusing with all his shows drake and Josh, zoey 101, icarly, victorious, sam & cat, Henry danger and game shakers and shows and the movie he co-prouduced good burger and kenan and Kel this is how I think the Schneider verse is

well first kenan and Kel and good burger don't mater but they are confusing double g ed and Kel are all portrayed by the same person oh and peezy b from Sam and cat but I might not do that here

the confirmed universes (cross overs)

We all know Henry danger and game shakers are the same universe from danger games

Icarly and victorious are from party with victoriouse

The part I'm confused is zoey 101 and drake and Josh are they connected Gavin Mitchell appeared in the episode of icarly Istart a fanwar and so did Stacy dilsen from zoey 101 actauly she appeared twice

Sam and cat icarly and victorious (obviously) we all know Sam and cat and victorious are coneceted and icarly but Stacy dilsen (again) from zoey 101 appeared in Sam and cat and if zoey 101 is connected to drake and Josh all these shows are too

The confusing part

Now the confusing thing is we all know game shakers and Henry danger are connected but in Henry danger they have been seen watching victorious drake and Josh and icarly in space invaders they mostly watched these shows now that's confusing

And in game shakers they even watched and icarly marathon and dub even said it's like kenan and Kel but less funny HE IS KEL but that's not the point they all watch these shows!

Sam & cat and Henry danger ARE connected

Remember the episode of Sam and cat #favourite show? Remember cats favourite show that's a drag? In the Henry danger episode dream buster schwoz was watching it and herb the hobo from Sam and cat was in the Henry danger episode secret beef and if Henry danger is connected to Sam and cat which is connected to victorious icarly drake and Josh and zoey 101 and Henry danger is connected to game shakers they are all connected

Hold on!

How were game shakers watching icarly well that's probably the most confusing to come up for me but in an episode if Henry danger Charlotte wore a pca shirt (zoey 101) and if zoey 101 is the same universe as icarly victorious and drake and Josh and of course sam and cat and in a special what did zoey say they are in the restraint fooders from game shakers which means zoey 101 is connected to game shakers so they are all connected but the mysterious tv theory is yet to be discoverd


The thundermans are connected to Henry danger which is connected to everything else in the Schneider verse and thundermans which is connected to haunted Hathaways but we know there is a knight squad episode but the episode already confirms that knight squad is in a different universe so thundermans and the Hathaways are also connected to everybody that Henry danger is

icarly is the most confusing I need to research that more when I finally crack it I will realease a new blog the for reading this took some research and of course watching I few episodes to confirm but that's how I know the Schneider verse is connected