I Really Hope Game Shakers gets a Season 4 but the chances of that happening arent likely happening right now.

The reason for this is because Nickelodoen decided to start airing Game Shakers on Sundays. 

As you can see all of the episodes that have been aired on Sunday currently only get an average of 0.80 million viewers which isnt that good.

  1. Babe Loves Danger aired: Saturday February 10, 2018 to 1.47 million viewers.
  2. Lumples aired: Sunday, February 18, 2018 to 0.80 million viewers!

Whoa Whoa that is a big change in viewers! Subway Girl got 0.83 million viewers and Snackpot! and Babe & And The Boys got 0.84 million viewers so nothing is really changing in the viewers!

The episode Escape From Utah, is going to air on April 1, 2018 which is Easter and April Fools, so the chances of that episode getting a high rating in viewers isnt likely of happening.

What do you guys think though I hope that Season 4 of Game Shakers will be renewed unlike School of Rock that ended with Season 3. Season 4 of Game Shakers could bring a whole new adventure to the Game Shakers Crew.

However, with all of this going it is unknown if Game Shakers will be renewed for Season 4.

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