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Request for rollback


I want a rollbackship if not rollbackship, adminship. I have ranked fourth in the leaderboard, I have 100 edits in articles, I am the currently most active autoconfirmed user here. I login everyday and edit alot in one day, I'd like to have an rollbackship. I love to contribute here. I know a lot of Game Shakers, but I cannot know all of it with the help of other rollbacks. I love coding, with example of CSS. My brother used to be a wikia user, but suddenly he got globalblocked because of invalid reason. Before that, I used to help him about coding and stuff. I learned English very well, I am in level 4 out of 5, I am used to English, when i talk to people i used my language, when i talk to myself (which you guys may think i'm crazy) i speaked English. I'd like to become one of the leaders here, it would be an honor to be an admin here. Back to Wikia, I am also experienced of making templates. I may be new to this community. My advantages is that i really experienced with CSS and editing.  My lack of advantages is i cannot do SASS and i cannot make quite good quality of images. I apologize if i do that. Back to Wikia, I like to contribute in every wikia, including this one! A user said to me: Being an admin is not about editcount, but quality. But i am asking for rollback! And i followed that. I enjoy editing in afternoon. Do not bother me while is in @ 5 pm WIB to @ 6 pm WIB every weekdays. Because it's time to shaking games. Back to wikia, I want to be an admin here because i have quality. I just going to ask and see is it approved or not. I've watch Game Shakers every weekdays, I even make a game for Game Shakers, An Extreme Flap.


So do you agree?

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