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Screen Title: Shakers 101

The crossover episode starts off at an apartment in New York City where Chase Matthews is sitting on his couch when Michael and Lisa barge in

"Chase! Chase!" Michael yelled

"Michael what did I tell you about knocking?" Chase asked

"Sorry but we have exciting news." Michael replied

"What news?" Chase asks

"Our friends are having a reunion at Fooders." Lisa says

"Really?" Chase asked

"Yes you can finally find Zoey and tell her about the film she left in the time capsule." Michael replied

"Didn't you guys get together at the prom?" Lisa asked

"Yeah but we had to break up when we went to college. Plus the video she did was back in 2005 and we were together from 2008 to 2010." Chase says

"Well now it's 2021 so you two can finally get married." Michael said

"Well what are we waiting for? Let's get to Fooders." Chase says

At the Game Shakers Head Quarters, Babe is on her phone talking to Henry

"Okay I'll talk to you later Henry. Good luck fighting crime in Dystopia." Babe says

"Thanks, bye Babe." Henry said in the phone

Babe hangs up her phone

"You and Henry seem to be getting a lot closer now huh?" Dub asked

"Babe and Henry sitting in a tree." Hudson says

"Very funny Hudson." Babe said

"I'm hungry." Kenzie says

"You guys want to go to Fooders for lunch?" Trip asked

"Sure." Babe replied

"Let's go." Dub said

"Dub I bought you a clam shaker." Bunny said

"I'll drink it later Bunny!" Dub yelled

The Game Shakers walk out of the building

"Sometimes I wonder if Dub even likes me or not." Bunny said

"WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO?!" Ruthless yelled

"Let's go swimming." Bunny said

"OKAY!" Ruthless yelled

At Fooder's Zoey and her friends have reunited

"It is so great to see you guys again." Zoey said

"You too Zoey." Quinn says

"Reunited feels so good." Said Logan

"You guys have changed a lot." Dustin said

"So did you. Look how tall you've gotten." Michael said

"Zoey I finally watched the video you made about me." Chase said

"Chase why did you wait to long to watch it?" Zoey asked

"I watched it back in 2015. I spend 6 whole years looking for you." Chase said

"Aw Chase." Zoey said

Stacey and Mark walk up

"Hey guys." Stacey said

"Hello." Mark says

"Oh hi Stacey. Hi Mark." Zoey says

"I wonder where James is." Lola says

"I'm sure he's coming." Vince said

James walks in with Dana

"Hey guys." James said

"Dana you're back?!" Quinn says

"Hi guys. I missed you all so much." Dana said

"If Nichole shows up, then this would be one big reunion." Said Lola

"I haven't heard from her since we were juniors. I wonder what ever happened to her." Zoey said

Just then the Game Shakers walk in and sits at the booth next to Zoey and her friends

"Hey aren't those the Game Shaker kids?" Dustin asked

"I think so." Mark replied

"Their games are so much fun." Stacey says

"Who is that guy they're with?" Lisa asked

"That's Double G!" Lola yelled

"He's awesome." Vince said

Zoey and her friends walk up to the Game Shakers

"Can we help you?" Kenzie asked

"Are you guys the Game Shakers?" Chase asked

"Yes we are why?" Babe asked

"We love your games so much." Quinn said

"They are so much fun." Dana says

"Thanks we do our best." Trip says

"I'm Hudson." Hudson said

"And I'm..." Double G says but gets interrupted by Zoey, Quinn, Lola, Dana, Lisa and Stacey

"You're Double G!" Zoey, Quinn, Lola, Dana, Lisa and Stacey all said

"I'm his son Triple G." Trip says

"We love your song Drop That." James said

"It's catchy." Dustin says

"Thanks." Double G said

"Hey Dub remember when we stole your song for our Sky Whale game." Hudson asked

"Hudson!" Babe and Kenzie yelled

"Yes I remember that but I forgave you guys remember. It's the reason why I'm a part of Game Shakers." Double G said

"Dub would it be okay if we all get a selfie with you?" Zoey asked

"Sure uh..." Double G says

"Zoey." Zoey said

"Zoey." Double G said

Zoey takes out her PearPhone and she points her camera to her, Quinn, Lola, Dana, Michael, Logan, Chase, Lisa, Mark, Stacey, and Dustin

"Say Drop That!" Zoey yelled

"Drop That!" Everyone yelled as Zoey takes the picture

"What a great reunion this turned out to be." Dana said

"If only Nichole were here." Lola said

Just then, Nichole walks in

"Hey what did I miss?" Nichole asked

"A great reunion." Zoey said

"Aw man you guys got a selfie with the Game Shakers?" Nichole asked

"Not a problem. We can redo it." Babe said

Zoey takes another picture of her friends (with Nichole) and the Game Shakers)

"Alright lunch time is over." Double G said

"Can't you guys stay longer?" Lola asked

"Yeah!" Chase, Michael, Logan, James and Dustin said

"Sorry but we got games to make." Kenzie said

"Well it was nice meeting you guys." Zoey said

"You too." Said Trip.

"Come on guys back to our headquarters." Babe said

"Bye Game Shakers." Zoey says

"See ya." Hudson said

"Bye." The rest of the Game Shakers said

"Nichole what took you so long to get here?" Mark asked

"Yeah." Stacey asked

"I like to tell you but it looks like we're out of time." Nichole said as the crossover episode ends

The End