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Shakers 101 is a special fanmade crossover of Game Shakers and Zoey 101.


6 years after the events to What Did Zoey Say?, Zoey and her friends meet up for a reunion at Fooders where they run into the Game Shakers.

Zoey 101 Cast

Game Shakers Cast


  • This is a crossover between Zoey 101 and Game Shakers.
  • All of the main characters from Zoey 101 (including Dana and Nicole) appear in this crossover.
  • According to Chase, it has been 6 years since the events to "What Did Zoey Say?", meaning this is taking place in 2021.
  • Henry Hart from Henry Danger is mentioned by Babe and his voice is heard on her phone.
    • According to Babe, Henry is fighting crime in Dystopia meaning this takes place after the series finale to Henry Danger.
  • Despite this being a Zoey 101 and Game Shakers crossover, the Zoey 101 universe isn't seen at all.


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