The Game Shaker girls are watching iCarly on their computer as Trip and Hudson walk in

Trip: Hey girls.

Hudson: What goes on.

Babe: We're watching an iCarly web-a-thon.

Kenzie: It's very funny.

Hudson: Did they ever reveal who Freddie likes? Carly or Sam.

Kenzie: No.

Babe (Kenzie): If you watched the show then you will know that Freddie likes Carly (Sam).

Babe and Kenzie: What?!

Babe: Freddie was totally in love with Sam.

Kenzie: He was clearly in love with Carly.

Babe: You got any proof that he was in love with Carly?

Kenzie: He said so himself that he was in love with her.

Babe: Well who was Freddie's first kiss?

Hudson: Gibby!

Babe: No it wasn't Gibby. It was Sam.

Trip: Well why don't you make a video on who you think Freddie liked and have the viewers comment on who Freddie likes more.

Babe: That's a good idea.

Kenzie: Hudson get the camera.

Hudson: Kay Kay.

Babe: Ready?

Hudson: In 5, 4, 3, 2.

Babe: Hello. So as you can tell by the title, this is a big iCarly question. For all you iCarly fans wondering who Freddie likes better. It's totally Sam. He definitely loves Sam more than Carly.

Kenzie: Well I think he liked Carly more than Sam.

Babe: If you think Freddie belongs with Carly or Sam, please let us know in the comments.

Kenzie: He loves Carly.

Hudson: And we're clear.

Kenzie: Alright and let's upload it to SplashFace. (Parody of YouTube)

Trip: Wait what if they see the video?

Babe: I doubt it. They haven't been together since 2012.

We now cut to Seattle Washington where the iCarly crew is back for a reunion

Carly: It feels so great to be back here in Seattle.

Freddie: We missed you.

Carly: So Sam I heard you had a roommate in LA.

Sam: Yeah Cat.

Freddie: How's she been?

Sam: Well she has been hitting it off with Robbie.

Carly: Doesn't he look like Andy Samberg?

Sam: Yes, yes he does.

Gibby walks in

Gibby: Gibbeh!

Carly: Hi Gibby.

Freddie goes on SplashFace and sees the video the Game Shaker kids posted

Freddie: Uh I just found a video about us.

Carly: What?

Freddie: Some girls made a video saying on who I like more. You or Sam.

Sam: Who are they?

Freddie: Some company called the Game Shakers.

Gibby: Didn't they make that game Sky Whale?

Freddie: Yes.

Sam: Play the video.

Freddie plays the video

Kenzie: Well I think he liked Carly more than Sam.

Babe: If you think Freddie belongs with Carly or Sam, please let us know in the comments.

Kenzie: He loves Carly.

Video ends

Carly: People are still asking if you like me or Sam?

Freddie: It's been years.

Gibby: I'm still shipping it.

Sam: Where do those girls live?

Freddie: In New York. I found more info on them. They started a company called Game Shakers back in 2015 and they make mobile games and have a business partner named Double G.

Carly: Isn't he a famous celebrity?

Sam: Yes. He's a big rapper.

Carly: Okay so we're going to go down to New York, find the Game Shakers and ask them why they made that video.

Freddie: When do we leave?

Sam: Now!

Freddie: Okay.

Back with the Game Shakers

Trip: Have you girls seen your video?

Babe: No.

Kenzie: Why?

Hudson: It's blowing up.

Kenzie: What are the comments saying?

Trip: 45% of the comments are saying Freddie belongs with Carly.

Babe: So that means 55% of the comments are about Seddie?

Trip: Yep.

Hudson: What about Gibby?

Kenzie: What makes you think Freddie is in love with Gibby?

Hudson: They're both the hottest guys of iCarly.

Trip: That doesn't mean they're in love with each other.

Double G walks in

Double G: What up Game Shakers!

Trip: Babe and Kenzie are having another feud.

Double G: Is that about that iCarly webshow and who Freddie liked more?

Hudson: That's the one.

Kenzie: How do you know that?

Double G: I saw the video.

Babe: Who do you think he liked?

Double G: I kind of shipped him with the older brother.

Babe: Spencer?

Kenzie: What other older brother is there.

Trip: So Babe ships Seddie, Kenzie ships Creddie, Hudson ships Fibby, and my dad ships Fencer.

Hudson: Who do you ship together?

Trip: I personally think he's better off with Sam.

Babe: Ha.

Kenzie: Dang it.

Back with the iCarly gang

Gibby: So what's the plan again?

Sam: Once we get to New York, we have to find the Game Shakers and confront them.

Carly: We don't want to hurt them.

Freddie: We just want to know on why they uploaded that video.

Gibby: Ah.

Carly: Hey how close are we to New York?

Freddie: About another hour. I found their building and location.

Sam: You're still a nerd.

Freddie: I am not.

Sam: Just admit it.

Freddie: I might be a nerd but...

Sam: But what?

Freddie: I'm your nerd.

Sam: Give mama some sugar.

They kiss for 5 seconds

Gibby: Aw.

Carly: It's weird on how you were always at each other's throats and now you're a couple.

Freddie: Then we broke up and got together.

Sam: Why did we break up again?

Freddie: You know, I don't remember.

Gibby: Okay now how close are we to their location?

Carly: According to the GPS, we're not that far from them.

Sam: Good!

Freddie: Sam don't threaten them. They're just kids.

Sam: I'm not.

Gibby: You sure?

Sam: I'm not that person anymore. I get that I tortured those kids 11 years ago when we were making those Penny Tee shirts and but I changed since then.

Freddie: Cat must have changed you a lot.

Sam: She has.

Carly: I'm surprised you actually did a babysitting service.

Gibby: Me too.

Sam: Well things change.

Freddie: We're in New York.

Gibby: Remember when we guest starred on Jimmy Fallon?

Sam: Yeah.

Freddie: Your pants fell down on his show and everyone saw your you know what.

Carly: Oh yeah I forgot about that.

Gibby: Good times.

Sam: How was that good? You almost got iCarly canceled.

Freddie: But it didn't.

Carly: Okay how long until we get to the building?

Freddie: We're just 15 minutes away.

Back with the Game Shakers, the gang are once again watching the iCarly webcasts from iBust a Thief

Double G: Ha this is so funny.

Trip: They look so funny animated.

Hudson: You don't think they saw your video do you?

Babe: Stop worrying.

Kenzie: If they found out, then they would be setting out on a road trip to New York to talk to us.

The iCarly gang have arrived and they knock on the door

Hudson: Hey it's iCarly.

Babe: What?!

Trip: What are they doing here?

Kenzie: Aw man they must have seen the video.

They walk in the building

Carly: Are you the Game Shakers.

Hudson: We sure are. And you're iCarly.

Babe: We're sorry we made that video.

Trip: Please don't hurt them.

Double G: I have no part of this.

Freddie: Relax we're not mad.

Kenzie: You're not?

Sam: No.

Gibby: This place is cool.

Freddie: We want to know why you uploaded that video.

Babe: Well uh.

Trip: Oh for crying out loud. They want to know who you like better. Carly or Sam!

Hudson: Or Gibby.

Double G: Or Spencer.

Freddie: First Gibby and I are just bros, second that is just gross.

Kenzie: Well do you like Carly more?

Babe: Or do you like Sam more?

Sam: No way you're Double G.

Double G: You know me?

Carly: Everyone knows me.

Trip: I'm his son Triple G.

Gibby: Yeah we heard of you.

Babe: Hello?

Hudson: Hi.

Freddie: Okay the person I like more is Sam.

Babe: Yes.

Kenzie: No!

Carly: I thought you wanted to be my husband.

Kenzie: I thought you had a crush on her.

Freddie: Well I knew she would never want to be with me.

Double G: But didn't you guys date?

Freddie: That was because she liked that I saved her from a food truck.

Sam: You really like me more?

Freddie: Yep.

Hudson is revealed to recording the whole time

Hudson: Got it.

Gibby: You were recording us?

Hudson: Uh huh.

Babe: You better delete it.

Double G: Unless you have iCarly's permission, you can't upload that video.

Carly: I don't care if you upload it.

Freddie: Me either.

Gibby: Upload it all you want.

Sam: It's time to let our fans know.

Trip: Can we email it to you so you can post it on iCarly?

Kenzie: Trip I don't think they get emails anymore.

Babe: Yeah they haven't done the show since 2012.

Freddie: Actually we can post it on there.

Sam: We might not be back but it wouldn't hurt to post the video.

Carly: Then fans can stop asking "Oh Freddie you and Carly are meant to be".

Gibby: "You and Sam should be together".

Babe: Well now we finally know who Freddie likes.

Trip: Seddie!

Hudson: And we're clear.

Freddie: That's my thing.

Carly: Please don't argue.

Freddie: Sorry.

Sam: I'm glad you chose me Freddie.

Freddie: You are?

Sam: Yep. I really like you a lot.

Freddie: I like you too.

Sam: Give me some sugar.

Sam and Freddie kiss again and everyone cheers

Gibby: How cute is this?

Double G: It's just adorable.

Babe: Team Seddie.

Sam: I love you, Freddie.

Freddie: I love you too, Sam.

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