This is continuing the conversation from the Henry Danger wiki. [1]

Over the past several months I have noticed that the wiki has taken a beating by how things are being handled by the founder and the information that is being posted here. Here is a list of things that Me and BigTeddy have noticed before and after we merged the Game-Shakers wiki with this one.

  1. Andi Cruz has not really been active and protecting pages that could be edited by other users.
  2. False information has been added by Adni at times. (One major error was caught by Dab's web development team but I took care of it right away once contacted.
  3. Communicating with Andi is not officiate as she is not on.
  4. Policies for the wiki were up and then the page is not there anymore.
  5. The wiki is hard to navigate with little or incorrect links.
  6. No clear design or goal for the wiki as it keeps changing.

RainbowFantasy and PimNickster are trying there best but without the founder it is becoming difficult to achieve and make this wiki a great place. NikkiSarah who runs many wiki's and could help big time has not been active on this wiki since September

What are your thoughts or ideas about this issue? Do you think it's best to try and get a another bureaucrat or put in an adaption request. (this will have to be done by an active Admin or if someone agrees on a person they can do it but admins have to give the go ahead.)

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