These episodes are taking so long to air. The last time an episode actually aired was åll the way back in April. TeenNick tricked us twice when they said they were going to air new episodes.

I guess it's time to face facts and consider these episodes lost, since they will never air anyways. It's official. The people over at Nick have stopped caring about this show and its fans. Why work hard on producing these episodes if they're never gonna air anyways? It seems as if people over at Nick have forgotten about this show because I see them airing other shows but not this one. In fact at this point now I don't mind if they rush the season and finish it in like 2 weeks.

Last episode: Super Ugly Head

Last actually good episode: Escape from Utah! (predicted it to be bad but it turned out good, but it just HAD to air on Easter causing views to dwindle down)

RIP Game Shakers

9/12/15 - 4/8/18