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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the game, Tiny Pickles.

Tiny Pickles is the sixth episode in Season 1 of Game Shakers and was the third episode produced for the Season. It premiered October 10, 2015 to an audience of 1.60 million viewers.


Babe, Kenzie, and Trip are playing their new game to test it. They are only on level 4 but on level 5 Babe gives Trip some sandwich and mustard and then Hudson and a lady named Candy arrive. Hudson is about to use her toothbrush which was on her hair.

At school, Babe and Kenzie are arguing about the title of their new game. Babe wants it to be called Creature Crunch, but Kenzie wants it to be called 'Help Those People by Breaking The Bottles so They can Escape and not get eaten by the Creature who's very hungry'. Babe's name wins a vote. Dub, Babe and Kenzie get tickets to The Helen Show. Bunny had to pee and girls keep flirting with Trip. Ruthless scares the girls away. At the Helen Show, Helen is trying out Sky Whale. They introduce the audience to Dub. Babe and Kenzie are telling Dub they are not in school. Dub says they are. Babe and Kenzie ask how. Bunny and Ruthless were in school to take the place of Babe and Kenzie. Dub says that there's another game coming called Tiny Pickles, based on a dream he had. Dub and Helen start dancing.

At Game Shakers, Babe and Kenzie are mad at Dub for the title. Dub is getting dogs for his next music video. Trip and Hudson arrive with snow cones. They change the title to Tiny Pickles but everybody is against it. Still, they start making the game as they scan Dub for the game, make a crazy eyeball and make Trip and Hudson dress as mermaids. Dub is playing Tiny Pickles and finds that everyone hates his game. Bunny and Ruthless try to get Dub tickets to the Helen Show. Dub says he will go to rename Tiny Pickles to Creature Crunch. Babe feels bad for Dub. At the Helen Show, Matt Bennett is supposed to be guest, but Bunny and Ruthless spray Matt Bennett's eyes. They then put him on the parking lot in a sack, so Dub can be guest. Dub is here to rename the game but Babe, Kenzie, Hudson and Trip arrive and show the game Tiny Pickles and Helen likes it. They did this so Dub does not feel bad for himself. In the parking lot, Rex is driving a van and runs over Matt Bennett.


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  • There is a reference to Victorious in this episode, which is a former Dan Schneider show.
  • A billboard with the game named to this episode, is shown in the theme song, Drop Dat What
  • Yvette Nicole Brown guest stars as Helen in this episode, where she has her talk show with guests including Babe and Kenzie and Victorious' Matt Bennett.
    • It's difficult to determine if Matt Bennett truly played himself, since both Helen and Rex were in character.
  • Rex, Robbie's puppet from Victorious, is seen driving a truck named Rex's Dry Cleaners.
  • While backstage, Robbie is singing the Broken Glass song he sang in the Victorious episode, "The Diddly-Bops".
  • Even though played himself, Matt Bennett acted a lot like Robbie, his role on Victorious. He sang the Broken Glass song from that show.
  • A new game was introduced in this episode.
  • On the table in the Helen show, Helen has a mug which says That is NOT my job (her popular quote from Drake & Josh).
  • This episode premiered on Thomas Kuc's 13th birthday.
  • This was aired as the third episode by Nickelodeon UK and Ireland.
  • The Helen Show is also the name of a talk show on Austin & Ally, a former Disney Channel show.


  • Helen appears in this episode but in Dirty Blob, it was shown that Drake & Josh was a TV show.
    • This is the same with Rex in this episode since later on in the series Double G mentions Victorious as a tv show which Matt Bennett appears as himself in this episode. Nathan Kress also appears as himself and ICarly is mentioned in one episode.
    • Game Shakers would also have a crossover with Henry Danger which had Herb and Goomer from Sam and Cat appearing and that show is a spinoff of ICarly and Victorious.
    • However, this kind of goof has been seen in many of Dan's shows.

International Airings

  • November 4, 2015 - UK & Ireland
  • December 10, 2015 - Asia
  • February 7, 2016 - Northern Europe
  • February 17, 2016 - France
  • March 3, 2016 - Latin America

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