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The Beach is a restaurant that was the main hangout for Season 3 in Game Shakers, replacing Fooders.



The restaurant appears to have a beach theme, hence the name of the restaurant.

In Babe & The Boys, Kenzies app leads them to this place and Babe has her date with Mike Squatnick here.

In Escape From Utah!, the gang is seen at The Beach in the beginning of the episode and it is when Dub sends Trip to Utah.

In Super Ugly Head, Kenzie is at The Beach and Bunny and Ruthless come over and threaten Kenzie.

In Snoop Therapy, Dub, Ruthless and Bunny are there celebrating Bunny's birthday.

In Hot Bananas, Hudson, Babe and Kenzie take Trip there to try to cheer him up.

In Hungry Hungry Hypno, Dub, Bunny, and Ruthless are there discussing what Dub should get Kenzie for her birthday.

In Bug Tussle, the gang goes there talking about Trip going to Las Vegas, and Trip waits there for Dub to show up.

In Why Tonya, Tonya shows up there complaining to Babe and Kenzie about one of their games.

He's Back is the restaurant's final appearance, and it appears when Blake Bradley asks Babe on a date.