Snoop Dogg is an American rap superstar who has appeared in a couple of Game Shakers episodes. He first appeared in the Henry Danger & Game Shakers crossover, Danger Games.

Relationship with the Game Shakers

He has been seen to like the Game Shakers, such as how he helped Trip, Hudson, and Double G with their dollhouse in the episode Demolition Doll House. He has also been shown to be friends with Dub, despite having a rivalry in Danger Games.


In Danger Games, he appears on a screen in Dub's studio telling him about his charity concert.

In Snoop Therapy, he has his first major role, trapping the Game Shakers in his office to have them work together to find their way out.

In Demolition Doll House, he appears on Dub's phone helping the boys design their dollhouse.

In He's Back, it is shown he will return.


Season 3

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