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Sky Whale is the first gaming app seen in the show. Babe and Kenzie created it for a science project but they never expected to grow out to the most popular gaming app of the year!

The first episode of the show is also named Sky Whale.

At VidCon 2015, on July 25, 2015, fans had a chance to play the game, and a real life version.

Nickelodeon released Sky Whale and some other games seen in the show online and through an app. Sky Whale was released on the App Store on September 3, 2015. On the Google Play Store, it was released on September 10th.


Bounce through the sky collecting donuts to keep your narwhal, Narby, up in the air! Use clouds and crazy objects to bounce higher and farther. Insane combos will take Narby into outer space. And scuba gear will send him on an underwater adventure. Earn coins to unlock awesome items, blasting Narby farther than he’s ever gone before!


  • Play the REAL game from Nickelodeon's new show: GAME SHAKERS!
  • The more donuts you collect, the longer you bounce through the sky!
  • Insane item combos add boosts to your bounce like: Double Money Monkey Toilet, Double Sushi Pig Nose, Monkey Chicken Boot, Double Eel Motorcycle, Toilet Soda Pig, Toilet Burger Monkey Wig, Rubber Ducky Corn Dentures, Monkey Toilet Lady Shoe, Bowtie Monkey Balloon, Alien Bat Pizza, Doggy Doorway Rainbow Slide.
  • Pick up the special rainbow donut to trigger the ultimate SUGAR RUSH!
  • The more you unlock the farther you go!
  • It has lately changed its theme from Christmas to regular.
  • It has regular, Halloween and Christmas themes so far.
  • There are somethings to avoid like: octopi, hair dryers, TNTs. Which will make your narwhal go back.
  • Also avoid crows, which will block your screen, and thunder clouds, which shocks your narwhal.
  • As you fly through the sky, wear different costumes like Christmas Lights, Witch Ouutfit, Santa Claus, Vulture,
  • You can also ride on different vehicles like: motorcycle, submarine, sleigh, speedboat, rocket, broomstick.
  • The game has no in-app purchases with real money.
  • Sky Whale later became the mascot of the company.