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Season 3


Premiere Episode

Babe Loves Danger

Premiere Date

February 10, 2018

Finale Episode

He's Back

Finale Date

June 8, 2019


Season 2

Season 3 is the third and final season of Game Shakers.[1]. It was announced on November 16, 2016. It consists of 18 episodes. The season premiered on February 10, 2018 and concluded on June 8, 2019.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast



  • Production for this season started on August 16, 2017 and wrapped on March 21, 2018.
  • There is a Henry Danger and Game Shakers Crossover that has already aired, though it does not count as a Game Shakers episode.
  • The season was originally ordered for 20 episodes, but it got shortened to 18 episodes.
  • This season was expected to start in Fall 2017, but it premiered in Early 2018, because many Season 2 episodes had not aired before the Fall, as the production for this season started later than expected.
  • This season premiered on February 10, 2018 with the episode Babe Loves Danger.
  • Starting with Lumples, episodes of Game Shakers aired Sundays at 7 PM and Starting with Snoop Therapy,begun airing on Saturdays at 8 PM.
    • The show went on an almost year long hiatus from April 8, 2018 to March 30, 2019, in between the episodes Super Ugly Head and Snoop Therapy.
  • Due to Dan Schneider leaving Nickelodeon, this is the final season, which won't get a proper ending.
  • Henry Hart from Henry Danger guest stars in two episodes this season.
  • This is the shortest season of the show.
  • The season ended in a cliffhanger.
  • Starting in this season, the gang's new hangout is The Beach.