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Rutherford "Ruthless" P. Ainsworth is a recurring character in Game Shakers. Like Bunny, he is one of Double G's assistants.

Ruthless is portrayed by Sheldon Bailey.


Ruthless is the extremely loud-talking sidekick of Double G. He lacks self-awareness, but he is very firm on fairness and justice. He is a great friend to Double G, Bunny and the Game Shakers.


Unlike Bunny, he is the louder and more mature assistant. Both assistants are more consistently level-headed and reasonable than Double G but they're still obedient and loyal assistants and bodyguards to him.



Ruthless and Bunny have a close relationship because they are both Double G's bodyguards/assistants.

Double G

Ruthless has a really close relationship with Double G, due to the fact that he is his bodyguard/assistant.



  • Double G has two assistants, one of which is Ruthless. The other one is his close friend, Bunny.
  • He always speaks in a deep and loud demanding voice which is probably the reason why people fear him.
  • Ruthless seems to be incredibly strong; as seen in "MeGo the Freakish Robot", when the group was trying to get through a door which was stuck because the lock was melted shut, Babe told Ruthless to open the door. Ruthless kicked the door open and it went flying off the roof of the building.
  • Ruthless seems to have knowledge of teaching Math, as he filled in as Triple G's teacher in "Dirty Blob".
  • Ruthless can't control himself to be quiet.
  • He has a lump in a jar named "Little Ruthless."
  • He doesn't know how to play tetherball.
  • He is absent in multiple episodes.
  • In Baby Hater, Ruthless's reporter name "Lando Calrissian" is a Reference to a Star Wars character from Star Wars V and VI, Cloud City is also the Star Wars town that he is from.
  • He uses summer breeze deodorant.


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