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Pop Star Surgeon is a game which released on January 9, 2016 in the Game Shakers Franchise. The game had so many reviews and views involved.


These pop stars need your help, Doctor! Fix them up and get them back into spotlight in this fun, free online puzzle game. Game Shakers Pop Star Surgeon, an online puzzle game, is Babe and Kenzie's latest hit! Game Shakers Pop Star Surgeon requires you to play doctor and cure dozens of silly ailments for the pop stars! In this puzzle game, you'll need to xray the ailing body part, trace your lines for surgery, perform the surgery to fix the ailment and stitch the patient back up. Make sure you're careful. One too many mistakes in this fun puzzle game, or the surgery takes too long, you might lose your patient.






  • This is the first game created and released, in 2016.