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Pompay is a minor character in Game Shakers. She is a very dim-witted and snobby kid who used to be Triple G's somewhat friend. Her best friend and brother is Landru.


Pompay is a minor character on the show Game Shakers. As a rich kid, she doesn't care about anyone except herself and her brother Landru. She appears on the episode Trip Steals the Jet. In this episode get reputation was known as a very snobby, very dimwitted, very bratty, very spoiled, very bossy, very rude and very ungrateful, and was a jerk to Hudson Gimble.


As a rich kid. Pompay is a very bratty and very spoiled girl who only cares about herself and her brother Landru. He and Pompay are best friends and are enemies with the Game Shakers (company). She is very dimwitted, very snobby, very rude, very bossy, very ungrateful and somewhat cruel.



Pompay and Landru are best friends and her brother.


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  • Her and her brother, Landru are just like the Baum family in Sam & Cat.
  • She doesn't know what Pompeii is.
  • She doesn't like soup.