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MeGo is a robot who appears in the episode MeGo the Freakish Robot. MeGo is shown to be obsessed with Hudson and will do anything to get him all to itself. It was broken since Double G pushed it off the roof for holding Triple G hostage. However, it reappears in Revenge @ Tech Fest, where it is rebuilt, but goes rogue trying to get revenge on Double G and Triple G. At the end of the episode, it blows up. It was never seen again after Revenge @ Tech Fest.


MeGo was first seen in "MeGo the Freakish Robot", when a British technology company named "Robotamus" gave MeGo to Babe and Kenzie so that they could make a game based on his abilities. Upon meeting Hudson, MeGo quickly becomes infatuated with Hudson, and when he has to go with Triple G to Las Vegas for the MMA fights, it immediately sees Trip as a rival who wants to steal Hudson from it. So, it holds Trip hostage and is about to chuck him off the roof of the Game Shakers building. However, the rest of the Game Shakers find out, and MeGo reveals his motives for his wrongdoings. Hudson then says to MeGo that killing Trip would hurt his feelings, making MeGo reluctant to do so. But then, Double G chucks it off the roof, and Robotamus gets back the pieces of the mangled MeGo.

In "Revenge @ Tech Fest", MeGo is rebuilt by Robotamus and it remembers Double G's mistreatment of him and the Game Shakers doing hardly a thing about it, so it goes to get revenge on them. It sneaks to Tech Fest, steals the Octopie costume, and badly injures Double G's arm. It then holds Bunny and Ruthless hostage so that they won't be able to help the Game Shakers. Lastly, it proceeds to hold Trip hostage (again), while taking Hudson with it to Cancun. However, when Double G comes back with a trionic right arm, MeGo is surprised, and a fight breaks out. The Girls Who Code then programs MeGo to explode. Bunny and Ruthless then escape from captivity and quickly gets Dub away from MeGo. However, they almost forget Hudson, and Trip then moves Hudson away from MeGo. MeGo then says its last words before exploding into nothingness.


  • He has no gender, despite in the Season 1 finale, Kenzie called MeGo he on several occasions.