—Mason's catchphrase

Mason Kendall is a student at Sugar Hill High School and is Babe's crush. He is portrayed by Tanner Buchanan. He had a small appearance in the episode Lost Jacket, Falling Pigeons, and had a bigger role in Party Crashers. In The Mason Experience, it was revealed he was moving to Florida. He moved back from Florida in He's Back.


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  • Mason is mentioned in the episode Buck the Magic Rat where Babe is on the phone with him and says that he dumped his girlfriend.
  • Mason is also mentioned in the Crossover episode Danger Games where it is revealed that Babe wants to go to Florida to hang out with him again.
  • His most recent mentioning is in Babe & The Boys when it is revealed that he might be dating another girl which makes Babe mad and jealous.
  • He returned in He's Back.
  • He shares many similarities to Beck Oliver from Victorious, another show created by Dan Schneider.

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