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Landru is a minor character in Game Shakers. He is a snobby kid who is Triple G's somewhat friend. His friend and sister is Pompay. He is portrayed by Jacob Hopkins.


Landru is a minor character on the show Game Shakers. As a rich kid, He doesn't care about anyone except himself and his sister Pompay. He appears on the episode Trip Steals the Jet. In this episode, his reputation was known as a snobby, bossy, rude, and ungrateful, and was big jerk to Hudson and the Game Shakers.


As a rich kid. Landru is a bratty and spoiled boy who only cares about himself. He and Pompay are best friends and are enemies with the Game Shakers. He is also selfish, self centered, ungrateful, sassy, bossy, mean, rude, and somewhat cruel





Landru and Pompay are best friends and they are also brother and sister.


Sparkling water for me"



  • Pompay, and him are just like the Baum family in Sam & Cat.
  • Landru is portrayed by Jacob Hopkins, who also provides voice for Gumball Watterson in The Amazing World of Gumball as of the end of the episode, "The Kids" to the end of the episode, "The Copycats".