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Kenzie & Triple G is the friendly pairing between Kenzie and Triple G. They are portrayed by Madisyn Shipman and Benjamin Flores, Jr.

Fan Names

  • Trenzie
  • Tripzie
  • Plezie
  • Kenziple G.
  • Kentri G.


Season 1


This information is currently unknown.

Season 2

clam shakers

Kenzie gives trip 450 dollars to pay the guy who stole trips tablet The money ended up being enough which they fist bump too and shes glad they helped Kenzie watched as trip flew babe across the billboard

game shippers

Kenzie stood very close to trip in the hotel room while going throug nathans wallet

the one with the coffee shop

Trip doesn't like to see babe and kenzie fight He tells kenzie to go talk to babe which she responds with "I'll think bout it"

the switch

Kenzie tries to help trip after bunny falls on him

Similarities & Differences


  • They both work at Game Shakers


  • Triple G is a boy, Kenzie isn't.
  • Triple G is a gamer, Kenzie is a programmer
  • Kenzie wear glasses, Triple G did not.


"Aww poor kenz" Trip about Kenzie in Wing Suits & Rocket Boots

"Be careful" Kenzie to Trip in Clam Shakers

"Dont worry you'll be fine" Kenzie to Trip in The Trip Trap


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