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Jackie Griffin is a minor character in Game Shakers who appeared in Shark Explosion. She is portrayed by Amanda Payton.


She and Double G got divorced when Triple G was seven and ever since then, Triple G went on tour with Double G and went to California. Afterwards, Double G and Triple G came to Brooklyn and Triple G got a job, forcing him to go with his mother. Then, Jackie took care of Triple G because of Double G's career.

In Shark Explosion, she makes her debut and she tells Kenzie and Babe that she owns a yacht but they share it with Double G. She then tells everyone to stay put as Double G might do something. Afterwards, Double G comes and Jackie is furious and tries to kick him off from her boat.


Jackie is strict, but she is nice to Trip's friends.


  • Jackie and Double G were married, but got divorced.
  • Jackie and Double G share a boat for vacation purposes.