Hudson & Triple G is the friendly pairing between Hudson and Triple G. They are portrayed by Thomas Kuc and Benjamin Flores, Jr.

Fan Names

  • Tripson
  • Hudson G
  • Hriple G


Season 1

Sky Whale

  • Triple G saw Hudson flying around and seems to be amazed by it.
  • Triple G enter Hudson, (Babe and Kenzie)'s classroom.
  • Hudson look at Triple G jump on the trampoline.
  • Order from Babe, Triple G help get Hudson off the hook.
  • Triple G accidently rip Hudson's pants causing his underpants to expose.
  • Triple G (with Babe and Kenzie) was shocked to see Hudson's underpants.
  • Triple G felt shame for what he did.

Similarities & Differences


  • They both love to play "Sky Whale".
  • They both hang out at Game Shakers.
  • They are both male.
  • They both work at Game Shakers.


  • Triple G is really smart, but Hudson is really dumb.
  • Hudson goes to school, while Triple G gets homeschooled.
  • Triple G has brown eyes, Hudson has blue eyes.
  • Triple G has black hair, but Hudson has blonde


This information is currently unknown.


  • Hudson & Triple G hang out alot besides working at Game Shakers.

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