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Hudson & Kenzie is the romantic/friendly pairing between Hudson Gimble and Kenzie Bell. They are portrayed by Thomas Kuc and Madisyn Shipman. In Hungry Hungry Hypno, they kissed.

Fan Names

  • Henzie
  • Kedson


Season 1

Sky Whale

  • Hudson commented on Kenzie's Blip-It
  • Kenzie explained to him that it wasn't a phone
  • Kenzie stared at Hudson when he was chuckling
  • Kenzie stared at Hudson when he was sucking on his olive
  • Hudson looked worried when Kenzie panicked
  • Hudson was excited when Kenzie said, "Yes."
  • Hudson opened the door for Kenzie
  • Hudson did abdominal thrusts on Kenzie when she was in shock
  • Hudson continued doing abdominal thrusts on Kenzie even though Babe explained that it was for chocking
  • Kenzie asked Hudson whether he was ready
  • Hudson replied that he was ready
  • Kenzie agreed that Hudson was cute and would do whatever she says
  • Kenzie looked worried when Hudson crashed
  • Kenzie and Hudson were next to each other when they looked out the window
  • Hudson ran out using the same door that Kenzie used
  • Hudson and Kenzie pushed the same chair to block the door
  • Hudson and Kenzie screamed at the same time
  • Hudson hugged Kenzie while patting her head when she was upset
  • Hudson was finally fed up with Double G when Kenzie wanted to sit down but fell when Ruthless took away her chair

Lost on the Subway

  • Kenzie stared at Hudson when he smashed his cup
  • Kenzie placed her hand on his chest
  • Kenzie giggled when Hudson chuckled
  • Hudson answered Kenzie's question
  • Kenzie was irritated at Hudson and smacked his head
  • Hudson chuckled at her reaction
  • Kenzie was about to ask Hudson to help her
  • Kenzie told Hudson to stop having a manicure and go over to her
  • Hudson followed Kenzie's orders
  • Hudson and Kenzie had a small conversation
  • Hudson and Kenzie started dancing
  • It is revealed that Kenzie had trusted Hudson to bring the punching gloves

You Bet Your Bunny

  • Hudson and Kenzie had a small conversation
  • Kenzie stared at Hudson when he didn't acknowledge Trip being hurt
  • Kenzie was also upset when Hudson didn't win the competition
  • Hudson stared at Kenzie while she was talking
  • Hudson brought Pocket Weasel Milk for Kenzie
  • Hudson and Kenzie watched the chicken fight together

Babe's Fake Disease

  • In the scene where bungle worms are on Trip's head, Kenzie and Hudson are standing close to each other.
  • In the last scene Kenzie and Hudson are sitting really close next to each other on the couch.
  • Kenzie is showing Hudson how to play the game.
  • Hudson seems worried for Kenzie when Trip finds out that he wasnt actually gonna look bald at 40.
  • Hudson tells Trip not to kill Kenzie.

Season 2

Wedding Shower of Doom

  • When the Game Shakers go to Dub's brothers' wedding rehearsal, Kenzie touches Hudson's shoulder and tells him to wait there.
  • Kenzie fixes Hudson's tie and suit before they leave.
  • They sit next to each other at the wedding.
  • They look at each other while everyone is talking to Dub.
  • When Kenzie went to give the weird lady her saud back, Hudson followed her.
  • They run to hide under the same table when the silver dollars were coming down.

Season 3

Snoop Therapy

  • When Snoop scares the Game Shakers, Kenzie quickly grabs onto Hudson in fear.
  • Kenzie tells Hudson to stand on her shoulders. Hudson misunderstands this as a romantic thing.
  • Hudson is worried when Kenzie disappears.

Similarities & Differences



  • Kenzie is a girl, Hudson is a boy.
  • Kenzie wears glasses, Hudson doesn't.
  • Kenzie is a brunette, Hudson is a blonde.
  • Kenzie created Sky Whale, Hudson did not.
  • Kenzie is really smart, but Hudson is really dumb.
  • Kenzie takes her work seriously, but Hudson doesn't.


This information is currently unknown.


  • Hudson and Kenzie are in the same science class.
  • Hudson has a soft spot for Kenzie.
  • They are intellectually opposed.
  • She knows how to talk to him in a way he understands.
  • He makes her laugh.
  • They are very close.
  • They have a strange chemistry.

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