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Helen Dubois

Full Name:

Helen Ophelia Dubois


Lula (grandmother)


Buzz Baxter (ex-husband)

Portrayed By:

Yvette Brown

Helen Ophelia Dubois is the current principal of Hollywood Arts High School. She originally starred on the Nickelodeon show, Drake and Josh (another show by Dan Schneider) as the manager of the Premiere Theater.

After that show's conclusion, she guest starred on Victorious (another show by Dan Schneider) and became the principal of Hollywood Arts High School .

In Game Shakers, she guest starred as Helen in the episode, "Tiny Pickles", where BabeKenzie and Double G become the guests in her talk show "The Helen Show".

She is portrayed by Yvette Brown.


  • She is the first/only Drake & Josh character to appear in Game Shakers.
  • In Tiny Pickles (episode), there is a mug that says "That is not my job" which is her famous quote from Drake & Josh.
  • Helen appearing in the show contradicts the fact Drake & Josh was seen as a TV show in Dirty Blob (episode).
    • However this kind of goof has been seen in many of Dan's shows before.
      • It could also be speculated that Drake & Josh is a reality show in the Dan Schneider Universe but nothing has been confirmed.