Game Shakers is the Game Shakers' headquarters. It is the main set of the series. It is located at Brooklyn, New York City, USA. The headquarters is right beside Happy New Ears.



  • A big TV on the wall
  • A Sky Whale poster
  • A donut pillow pit 
  • A cube pillow pit
  • Trampolines
  • Drink corner
  • Computer
  • Cushions with quotes like "POW!"
  • Speed Of Light
  • 2 purple couches
  • yellow chair (with the word pow written on it in red)
  • Toilet with a monkey sitting on it.


  • Bevz Refrigerator
  • Counter
  • A Jar of Sweets

Known rooms:

  • The studio
  • The kitchenette
  • The girls bathroom
  • The boys bathroom


  • The bathroom for the Game Shakers building is shown for the first time in the Season 2 episode "Air TnP".
  • Before Trip started working there he wanted his own bathroom, which he didn't get.
Game Shakers Logo
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