Double G: Hey Trip, do you remember that time when I park my Porche in the hot tub?
(Triple G laugh)
Triple G: Yeah, do you remember that I was in the hot tub when you did it!?
— In Sky Whale

Double G and Triple G is the father-son relationship between Double G and Triple G. They are portrayed by Kel Mitchell and Benjamin Flores, Jr..

Fan Names

  • Trible G
  • Douple G
  • TripDoub G.
  • Tridouble


Season 1


Similarities & Differences


  • They are both male.
  • They both have black and short hair.
  • They both have earrings.
  • They both wear jewelry.
  • They both love games.
  • They both help Sky Whale.


  • One is a rapper, one is a game consultant.
  • One is an adult, one is a pre-teen.


  • Double G is Triple G's father.
  • Triple G thinks that his father, Double G is mentally unstable.



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