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Buck the Magic Rat is the fourth episode in Season 2 of Game Shakers. It aired on October 8, 2016 to an audience of 1.61 million viewers.


At Game Shakers, Hudson is sleeping. Trip flies a drone to get Hudson on video. Hudson wakes up and destroys the drone. Kenzie arrives and says people reported her for having a weasel and took him to Nebraska. Dub, Bunny and Ruthless arrive with a light-saber. Dub says there are working with millionaire named Walton. Dub says they have a meeting on Monday. Dub gave Babe the lightsaber. She turned it on and it burned Dub's butt.

At the subway, Babe, Kenzie, Trip and Hudson are thinking of game ideas because of the meeting with Walton Groats. Hudson finds a rat eating pizza. People want to murder it so Kenzie rescues it. Hudson eats the pizza. At Fooders, Kenzie is admiring the rat, whom she named Buck. Trip fixes his drone but it lands on Babe's food. At Game Shakers, Walton Gross is tired and calls the company saying the game is bad.

Walton says he is leaving at 5. Babe, Kenzie, Trip and Hudson are talking about how Walton hates the game. Kenzie says Buck gives good luck and Walton starts to like the game idea. He says it's gonna be a classic. Walton said his bank is gonna give them 25 million dollars. They celebrate that they got him to like the game. Hudson shows Buck the TV and the basketball team is doing better. Dub, Bunny and Ruthless start to rub Buck's skin. Babe then uses Buck to go out with Mason Kendall. Mason says he dumped his girlfriend. Everybody starts to argue over Buck. Kenzie says that Buck is getting sick. Dub calls Bobby Dong's sister named Betty for the issue. Betty wants Buck on her face to see what's the issue with Buck. She says he's homesick and misses the subway. They go to the subway to return Buck. Kenzie is sad to see Buck go. Walton calls and says he does not want to make the game. Kenzie eats ice cream to get cheered up.


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Memorable Quotes

  • Hudson: "Your pocket weasel?"


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International Airings

  • November 10, 2016 - France

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