• Jesus Valdes Aran

    Please tell me, I just want to see that episode. Is this image.

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  • Max and ruby and more nick jr

    Hey is there gonna be some new game shakers episode?

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  • Jesus Valdes Aran

    Kenzie was wearing a dress with flowers and brown boots.

    Kenzie wanted to have a little fun

    Kenzie stepped on orange wet paint and left a trail of footprints

    She began to leave footprints on the floor pretending to dancing tap

    Kenzie stepped on green wet paint

    Kenzie started stepping on the wall, while their footprints were marked

    Kenzie stepped on red wet paint

    She took out a piano floor mat that was in his house

    Kenzie stepped on purple wet paint

    Kenzie starts to dance in the floor piano mat, while leaving his footprints

    Kenzie stepped on blue wet paint

    Kenzie begins to walk on tiptoe while leaving the footprints of the tips of his feet

    Kenzie's house was invaded and painted with footprints of it

    I hope you liked it :)

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  • MiraculousFan2018

    ''''''Shakers Forever is the upcoming twenty-sixth episode in Season 3 of Game Shakers, and is the series finale of the show. It will air in May 2019.

    When Triple G gets a chance of a lifetime to become a worldwide famous rapper in Hollywood, the Shakers are not ready to say goodbye to their friend, and fiknd any way possible to stop him from leaving. 

    To be added...

    • Cree Cicchino as Babe Carano
    • Madisyn Shipman as Kenzie Bell
    • Thomas Kuc as Hudson Gimble
    • Benjamin Flores, Jr. as Triple G
    • Kel Mitchell as Double G

    • Sheldon Bailey as Ruthless
    • Bubba Ganter as Bunny

    • This is the final episode of Game Shakers, and the final episode in Season 3. 
    • Michelle Hathaways' Bakery Shop from The Haunted Hataways is mentioned by Hudson, thus proving that The Haunted Hata…

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  • MiraculousFan2018

    Season 4

    March 17, 2019 by MiraculousFan2018

    Season 4 of Game Shakers was ordered by Netflix on February 1, 2019, for 21 episodes, after the show was cancelled by Nickelodeon. It will air late 2019. 

    • Cree Cicchino as Babe Carano
    • Madisyn Shipman as Kenzie Bell
    • Thomas Kuc as Hudson Gimble
    • Benjamin Flores, Jr. as Triple G
    • Kel Mitchell as Double G

    • Sheldon Bailey as Ruthless
    • Bubba Ganter as Bunny

    • Nathan Kress as himself
    • Jace Norman as Henry Hart/Evil Henry Danger
    • Miranda Crosgrove as Carly Shay 

    • 1. 2019 - They're Back (401)
    • 2. 2019 - The Good, the Bad and the App  (402)
    • 3. 2019 - iReturn (403)
    • 4. 2019 - The Story of Babe and Kenzie (406)
    • 5. 2019 - You Can't Make This (409)
    • 6. 2019 - Recruit (420)
    • 7. 2019 - Ghosts of Game Past (405)
    • 8. 2019 - Saturday With the Knights (413)
    • 9. 2019 - BFFS Forever?! (419)

    • TBA

    • T…

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  • MiraculousFan2018

    Rock Star

    March 17, 2019 by MiraculousFan2018

    ' is the upcoming 11th episode in Season 3 of Game Shakers. It will air in Summer 2019, and is the first episode of the second half of the season.

    The Shakers get invited to a rock star's concert, in order to get an idea for a new game they are devloping, but the night turns into chaos.

    • Madisyn Shipman as Kenzie Bell
    • Cree Cicchino as Babe Carano
    • Thomas Kuc as Hudson Gimble
    • Benjamin Flores, Jr. as Triple G
    • Kel Mitchell as Double G

    • Bubba Ganter as Bunny
    • Sheldon Bailey as Ruthless

    • Cameron Ocasio as Dice Corelone


    • This episode features Cameron Ocasio, reprising his role as Dice Corelone, a character from Sam & Cat, another Nickelodeon show, created by Dan Schneider, that also takes place in the same universe as Game Shakers
      • He is not the first charac…

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  • ICarlyGameShakers

    Hi if you could try to find the remaining episodes that havent aired in the UK yet, Please respond to this! Thanks :)

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  • 1033Forest

    The final 11 episodes

    November 3, 2018 by 1033Forest

    These episodes are taking so long to air. The last time an episode actually aired was åll the way back in April. TeenNick tricked us twice when they said they were going to air new episodes.

    I guess it's time to face facts and consider these episodes lost, since they will never air anyways. It's official. The people over at Nick have stopped caring about this show and its fans. Why work hard on producing these episodes if they're never gonna air anyways? It seems as if people over at Nick have forgotten about this show because I see them airing other shows but not this one. In fact at this point now I don't mind if they rush the season and finish it in like 2 weeks.

    Last episode: Super Ugly Head

    Last actually good episode: Escape from Utah! (…

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  • GameShakersiCarly

    If you saw my las blog post about Game Shakers getting a Season 4 I'm sorry to say but sadly 2 days it was announced Game Shakers was cancelled due to Dan Schiender leaving Nickelodoen. This is really sad because Game Shakers was a pretty good show. I hope you guys enjoy the final episodes of Game Shakers!

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  • GameShakersiCarly

    I Really Hope Game Shakers gets a Season 4 but the chances of that happening arent likely happening right now.

    The reason for this is because Nickelodoen decided to start airing Game Shakers on Sundays. 

    As you can see all of the episodes that have been aired on Sunday currently only get an average of 0.80 million viewers which isnt that good.

    1. Babe Loves Danger aired: Saturday February 10, 2018 to 1.47 million viewers.
    2. Lumples aired: Sunday, February 18, 2018 to 0.80 million viewers!

    Whoa Whoa that is a big change in viewers! Subway Girl got 0.83 million viewers and Snackpot! and Babe & And The Boys got 0.84 million viewers so nothing is really changing in the viewers!

    The episode Escape From Utah, is going to air on April 1, 2018 which is Easte…

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  • Willboy1234

    2018 Nickelodeon

    November 9, 2017 by Willboy1234

    2018 on Nickelodeon!!!

    - Blurt - New Movie featuring Jace Norman & Jojo Siwa - February 2018!

    - Knight Squad - Premieres - March 2018

    More New Episodes:

    Nicky Ricky Dicky & Dawn - Season 4 - January 2018 - Premiere

    Henry Danger - Season 4 - 2018 - Continuing

    Game Shakers - Season 3 - 2018 - Premiere

    The Thundermans - Season 4 - January 2018 - Continuing - Ended May 25th 2018.

    School of Rock - Season 3 - 2018 - Continuing - Ended April 8th 2018

    Hunter Street - Season 2 - 2018 - Premiereed January 2018 ended in February

    I Am Frankie - Season 2 - September 2018


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  • Shealty

    What i like

    September 8, 2017 by Shealty
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  • NickelodeonIsAwesome


    July 6, 2017 by NickelodeonIsAwesome

    Hi! How is everyone today? If you have a question, feel free to come by my message board. It shouldn't take me long to reply. Bye for now!

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  • Willboy1234



    Episode Title UK Original Air Date Prod. code
    1 "Sky Whale" 2nd November, 2015 101
    2 "Sky Whale" 3rd November, 2015 102
    3 "Tiny Pickles" 4th November, 2015 103
    4 "Lost Jacket, Falling Pigeons" 5th November, 2015 104
    5 "Dirty Blob" 6th November, 2015 105
    6 "MeGo the Freakish Robot" 9th November, 2015 106
    7 "Trip Steals The Jet" 16th November, 2015 107
    8 "Lost on the Subway" 23rd November, 2015 109
    9 "You Bet Your Bunny" 30th November, 2015 110
    10 "A Reggae Potato Christmas" 7th December, 2015 111
    11 "Party Crashers" 19th February, 2016 112
    12 "Poison Pie" 14th March, 2016 113
    13 "Nasty Goats" 11th April, 2016 114
    14 "Babe's Fake Disease" 12th April, 2016 119
    15 "The Girl Power Awards" 13th April, 2016 116
    16 "The Diss Track" 14th April, 2016 1…

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  • Checker Fred

    Game Shakers is in full swing for Season 3. Like last season I will do the production timeline for the show. This season will wrap most likely in march 2018, but not 100% certain. Lets hope not to have any confusion this season, but we do have at least 4 holidays that may interfere with production.

    Here is production schedule for Season 3.

    • August 16th through August 22nd Lumples (301)
    • August 23rd through August 30th Subway Girl (302)
    • August 30th through September 7th SNACKPOT! (303)
    • September 13th through September 19 Babe & The Boys (304)
    • September 20th through September 26th Super Ugly Head (305)
    • October 3rd through October 9th Escape From Utah! (306)
    • October 10th through October 17th Hot Bananas (307)
    • October 18th through October 24th Babe Love…
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  • LittleJackk

    hi im jack!

    January 4, 2017 by LittleJackk

    hey, im jack! ive been a game shakers fan for about a yea now, i loved it since i saw the first episode! im here to help out the wiki. :) i recently added to the nathan kress page. its no longer a stub now lol! - jack

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  • Hot Sja
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  • Hot Sja
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  • LuisNicholai1

    Loving the Show

    December 24, 2016 by LuisNicholai1

    Gameshakers, I hope you read this, I love you guys, I always watch your episodes on tv, when there not yet in tv, I watch them at my iPad, to be honest, I figured out, just maybe, figured out what is your attitude when I see you in actual, some kind,good,and respectful folks, I love you guys so much! I wish we can celebrate Christmas together.

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  • Mia Black

    Hello Everyone!

    I Am New, If I Do Anything Wrong Please Forgive And Consult Me.


    Mia Black

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  • Miego Rocks (Diego and Maddie rock!)
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  • Neetaspibs

    I LOVE Game Shakers. I'm watching it right now!😘😘😘😍😍😍

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  • AmberSchmidt123


    July 18, 2016 by AmberSchmidt123
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  • ScottStephenJones

    Enjoy Thursday everyone!

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  • Checker Fred

    Game Shakers is in full swing for Season 2. Like last season I will do the production time line for the show. This season will wrap most likely mid November but not 100% certain. Lets hope not to have any confusion this season, but we do have at least 3 holidays that may interfere with production.

    Here is production schedule for Season 2.

    • May 11th through May 17th Babe's Bench (201)
    • May 18th through May 24th The Squad (202)
    • May 25th through May 31st Wedding Shower of Doom (203)
    • June 8th through June 14th Armed & Coded (204)
    • June 15th through June 21st The Mason Experience (205)
    • June 22nd through June 28th Unknown (got pics)
    • Off for three weeks. First weeks was Normal Break, but the next two weeks remains unknown.
    • July 20th Through July 26th Unknown…
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  • Party Boy (Splitting Adam)

    1) What Happen To That Becker Guy From Sky Whale & Lost Jacket & Pigoens & How Come Was Never On The Other Epsiodes

    2) I Was Wondering If That Jarrold Guy From Pison Pie Got Fired For Putting A Turtle In The Cucomber Water (Not Sure If I Spell That Right) 

    3) I Was Thinking About Jimbo What Happen To Him After He Got ReHired.

    4) I Was Wondering About Jackie Griffin I Know We Saw her On Shark Explodion but How We Never Saw Her In The Other Epsiode

    5) Do You Guys Scott & Babe Will Continues Being Boyfriend & Girlfriend After Babe's Fake Diseace

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  • PlanetNickNL

    Counting in production codes, The Very Old Finger will be the next episode. But the show has not been using production codes for the order of premieres before, so we'll see what's the next airing episode soon.

    But I invented some things that would be fun to see in The Very Old Finger.

    • It would be fun if this episode includes a mummy game.
    • It would be fun if someone wears a mummy costume in the episode.
    • Since they're going to the museum, it would be fun if they're using one of Spencer (from iCarly)'s art works in the museum
    • It would be fun if the work catches fire, like it always did in iCarly.
    • It would be fun if the waiter on the museum does awkward things, like dancing, singing or something like that when nobody sees him.
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  • Andi Cruz

    Sky Whale Contest

    March 20, 2016 by Andi Cruz

    This Gaming Season, we are celebrating the first ever, "Game Shakers FAN FEST"! I am so excited to announce it but first, I would like to introduce this contest.

    The contest is about Sky Whale and submit the highest score ever with a photo. Apple devices will use the camera (home button and on button) and Android devices could use the same. Please know you need proof and be good at Sky Whale. If you are not that good at Sky Whale and you want some basics to learn, go to me for help as I want to enter.

    The auditions start on 27th March and end on May 14.. The semi-finals will be on June 25. The final will be in July 2.

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  • NickelodeonOfficialFan

    When does the 20th episode will air???

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  • Checker Fred


    March 3, 2016 by Checker Fred

    The show has been picked up for season 2 along with Henry Danger Season 3. HD received 20 episodes as cooper posted a video that was shot when wrapped but we are not sure what Game Shakers received. We are guessing the same around 20 episodes as well.

    The Thundermans been renewed for another season as well. Bella sadly hasn't been announced yet, but still has a small chance of being renewed. As for 100 Things to do before High School it seems like that show has been canceled. It is very likely that this show won't have a chance being renewed.

    All info for new shows and more is listed here

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  • PlanetNickNL

    Season 2?

    February 21, 2016 by PlanetNickNL

    In this tweet by Kel Mitchell: he says he can't wait to start shooting again. Does he know there's gonna be a season 2? As Checker Fred says, I think season 2 is 90% a go.

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  • Kevinkelleygaming

    school dance                                                                                                                                                                                 ufo

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  • Kevinkelleygaming

    Any ideas for Kevin Kelley. it has to be a gaming video.

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  • Tunperak1992

    Based on the "Henry Danger" character by

    Dan Schneider and Dana Olsen


    Episode: I.C.U

    Written By Tunperak1992


    FADE IN:


    We see Charlotte in waiting room, mutters something under her breath.


    CHARLOTTE: I’ve told Henry before that superhero thing is a serious and VERY dangerous business…



    A NURSE rushes into the room. The door opens and we see Henry Hart seemed to have survived a great deal of trouble.



    Who glanced inside the I.C.U room before the door closes.


    CHARLOTTE: …but he just won’t listen. He never does.


    She face-palm, crying.





    As the hours have passed by, Henry’s condition are now stable, he’s convalescence in hospital bed and so does his dead ringer, …

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  • Tunperak1992

    Based on the "Henry Danger" character by

    Dan Schneider and Dana Olsen


    Episode: The Manchester Weekend

    Written By Tunperak1992


    FADE IN:


    Ray Manchester is coaching a boy to do what’s ordinary people consider as feats of BADASSERY.



    Except for his black hair, the boy is a dead ringer for Henry Hart. He even wears Kid Danger costume.



    Kit Manchester, Second Kid Danger, Clone Of Henry Hart, Biological Son of Ray Manchester.

    STATUS: Presumed dead (later in Dead Ringer episode).



    They lie there in the half-light, sweat drenched. Ray turns to Kit, puts a hand on his shoulder, proud.


    RAY: You’re ready, Kit.



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  • Tunperak1992

    Based on the "Henry Danger" character by

    Dan Schneider and Dana Olsen


    Episode: Of Ghost and Danger

    Written By Tunperak1992


    FADE IN:


    Henry was too restless to sleep, so he went out for a walk. Still wearing his pajama, Henry walks down to the hallway.





    It’s about five minutes later, and Henry has stopped walking. He looked extremely frightened, as we see:



    A figure clothed in a black cloak with a hood, carrying a large scythe on the left hand and a little boy on the right hand.



    Still asleep, totally unaware of the skeletal arm that carries him.



    Then we hear; a voice echoing in his head.


    HENRY: (V.O) don’t just stand there… DO SOMETHIN…

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  • Tunperak1992

    Based on the "Henry Danger" character by

    Dan Schneider and Dana Olsen


    Episode: Goliath

    Written By Tunperak1992


    FADE IN:


    We see the entire cell block has been obliterated.



    A scrawny looking male, an inmate, stands in front of Captain Man, creating a standoff.

    We knew the captain is mocking the inmate based on their facial expression.

    All of a sudden,



    PUNCHS Captain Man, sending him CRASHING backwards into the cell block wall, reducing it into rubble.



    PHILISTINE GOLIATH, age 38. Crime: assault and battery.



    That strike actually hurts him, leaving bruise on his face, much to his surprise.


    Captain Man: I’m hurt! How could…

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  • Tunperak1992

    Based on the "Henry Danger" character by

    Dan Schneider and Dana Olsen


    Episode: The Hunting Party (A.K.A. It’s a COLD Night)

    Written By Tunperak1992


    FADE IN:


    It’s a very cold night. Even the lake is frozen, with the breath of Kid Danger and Captain Man creating clouds in the air.

    Both of them are wearing winter version of their superhero costumes, along with them is a pretty woman (30s).





    WOMAN: (nervously) how long do we have to wait for my daughter?


    Captain Man signals her to shut up WHEN… two people appears ahead of them.



    A handsome man (30s) holding a little girl, seven years old. The man is the girl’s father.

    The little girl’s eager to meet her mother.

    But someth…

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  • Tunperak1992

    Based on the "Henry Danger" character by

    Dan Schneider and Dana Olsen


    Episode: The Little Black Box

    Written By Tunperak1992


    FADE IN:


    A spooky graveyard and we see tombstones… graves… were shrouded in low hanging fog.

    We see two men digging up a grave with shovels. We also see a little black coffin.



    Both of them now are finished burying a black coffin.



    PITCH BLACK -- The Flashlight Beam turns on. We could see Kid Danger and Captain Man.



    His breathing is normal. We can hear the soft beat of his heart inside the black box. His composure is back.



    He’s already out of cold.



    Our sidekick positions himself under Captain Man torso and pu…

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  • Tunperak1992

    Based on the "Henry Danger" character by

    Dan Schneider and Dana Olsen


    Episode: Year of the Dragon

    Written By Tunperak1992


    FADE IN:



    Someone flying kicks KID DANGER through the plate glass WINDOW, which SHATTERS. Kid Danger hits the ground.

    That someone is a Chinese girl. She runs out from the store. Henry gets on his feet and chases the girl onto the beautiful neon lights street.






    What now we see on the street is THE CHINESE GIRL & KID DANGER in the middle of it, surrounds by over SEVENTY SEVEN members of The Tong (Chinese gangster)



    YANG GUIFEI (thirteen) wears a red Chinese cheongsam, holding two b…

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  • Tunperak1992

    Based on the "Henry Danger" character by

    Dan Schneider and Dana Olsen


    Episode: Firebug

    Written By Tunperak1992


    FADE IN:


    Henry Hart is with Piper and Charlotte.




    Fans cheer.



    ARIANA: (into microphone) I’ll sing my own rendition of Girl on Fire song by Alicia Keys. It'll be our last song tonight.



    Sound explodes from the stage. Fans cheer.



    Henry freezes, staring at the stage. He knows something went wrong.



    The petite singer dress catches fire from the explosion, and she flip-flops on the stage floor, letting out high-pitched scream.



    A figure, sits on sofa and holding a flickering matchsti…

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  • Tunperak1992

    Based on the "Henry Danger" character by

    Dan Schneider and Dana Olsen


    Episode: Dead Ringer

    Written By Tunperak1992


    FADE IN:


    There are TWO Kid Danger in the secret headquarter.

    One trapped inside of human sized tank and one stands in front of control panel.

    We’ll refer the trapped one as Kid Danger and the stands one as Henry Danger.



    Kid Danger begs with teary eyes.


    Kid Danger: Henry, please don’t, we’re brother.



    Henry Danger turns toward his BROTHER with blank expression and says;


    Henry Danger: There can only be one Kid Danger.


    He hits the button.



    Kid Danger screams in panic as clouds of fog starts filling the tank.

    Henry Danger just stood there, watchi…

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  • Tunperak1992

    Based on the "Henry Danger" character by

    Dan Schneider and Dana Olsen


    Episode: Flyby

    Written By Tunperak1992


    FADE IN:


    A bearded gentleman in white tailored suit (50s), smoking a pipe. The jet breaks cloud, revealing SWELLVILE bathed in beautiful neon lights. He looks out at the city.



    We see Captain Man and Kid Danger, unmasked, bruised, battered, tied and gagged.

    They were guarded by two men in black suit.



    The gentlemen TURNS, smile and look at Kid Danger.



    The door being slides open from the inside. The men in black are holding Kid Danger.



    The gentlemen, stands beside him, smiles and whisper;


    The gentlemen: You always play superhero, don’t yo…

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  • Iamaman1977

    Andrew & Heidi Updates

    January 1, 2016 by Iamaman1977

    Hey guys! For this blog, I am going to give you some updates on my fan made series "Andrew & Heidi". As I mentioned before, my series A&H is in the formation of a Dan Schneider styled show. Most of the updates you'll see is pretty much updates on new episode screenplays and pretty much some new information and new ideas that I'm planning on doing. So I hope you fans here on the Game Shakers Wikia are looking forward to more Andrew & Heidi episodes! It's going to be exciting. :)


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  • Checker Fred

    This is continuing the conversation from the Henry Danger wiki. [1]

    Over the past several months I have noticed that the wiki has taken a beating by how things are being handled by the founder and the information that is being posted here. Here is a list of things that Me and BigTeddy have noticed before and after we merged the Game-Shakers wiki with this one.

    1. Andi Cruz has not really been active and protecting pages that could be edited by other users.
    2. False information has been added by Adni at times. (One major error was caught by Dab's web development team but I took care of it right away once contacted.
    3. Communicating with Andi is not officiate as she is not on.
    4. Policies for the wiki were up and then the page is not there anymore.
    5. The wiki …
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  • PlanetNickNL

    Fanmade Episodes

    December 26, 2015 by PlanetNickNL

    Hey guys! I invented some fanmade episodes. Do you have ideas? Left them in the comments! :-)

    Here are my ideas:

    Pear Fear:
    Dub has got Trip the last produced pear-shaped Pear Phone, but Kenzie is afraid of pears. When she tries to overcome her fear, she accidentally drops it, and Trip gets sad and doesn't want to test games. So Babe, Kenzie and Hudson invent a game, for which a pear-shape is required and start a petition to make it come back. They go to the Pear Store with it, and after a long conversation, with Dub as lawyer, Pear decides to produce more pear-shaped products.

    Fooders Failure:
    The Game Shakers' favorite restaurant, is getting indicted because of a man fell on the floor and broke his arm because of the quake from the trains pa…

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  • GameShakersFan

    Request for rollback

    December 14, 2015 by GameShakersFan

    Hello GSFers! This page is part of the RFR series.

    I want a rollbackship if not rollbackship, adminship. I have ranked fourth in the leaderboard, I have 100 edits in articles, I am the currently most active autoconfirmed user here. I login everyday and edit alot in one day, I'd like to have an rollbackship. I love to contribute here. I know a lot of Game Shakers, but I cannot know all of it with the help of other rollbacks. I love coding, with example of CSS. My brother used to be a wikia user, but suddenly he got globalblocked because of invalid reason. Before that, I used to help him about coding and stuff. I learned English very well, I am in level 4 out of 5, I am used to English, when i talk to people i used my language, when i talk to …

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  • GameShakersFan

    Episode Names

    December 11, 2015 by GameShakersFan

    Check here for latest episode names!

    Season Episodes Originally aired
    Season premiere Season finale
    1 26 September 12, 2015 2016
    2 26 TBA TBA

    No. Ep. Title Original air date Production
    code U.S. viewers
    1-2 1-2 "Sky Whale (episode)" September 12, 2015 101-102 1.98 (Nickelodeon)
    0.218 (TeenNick)
    0.188 (NickToons)
    Total: 2.385
    After creating the game app Sky Whale for their science project, which grown out to the most popular game app of the year, Babe and Kenzie start gaming company Game Shakers with their friend Hudson in Brooklyn. But they used Double G's music in the game. He sues them all he has been owed. To make things good Babe and Kenzie take him on as business partner and hire his son, Triple G, as a game consultant.
    3 3 "Lost Jacket, F…

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  • GameShakersFan

    New episodes!

    December 9, 2015 by GameShakersFan

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  • Iamaman1977

    Hey Guys! I am new to the Game Shakers Wikia and I do feel welcomed here. I want to tell you guys about my made up Nickelodeon television series that I have created called "Andrew & Heidi". This comedy series is about a high school Boyfriend and Girlfriend who are in love with each other and they go on interesting adventures and get into sticky situations. The characters is about a boy named Andrew Dalton, who is smart but kind of arrogant, and a girl named Heidi Makinney, a sweet girly-girl who's dimwitted. This series I created is known to be a real life comedy show for kids.

    Okay, so we all know that Henry Danger and Game Shakers is in the format of Dan Schneider. My series Andrew & Heidi is definitely made in the same format of Dan…

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