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Season 1

Sky Whale


Hey, bring that back!

A squirrel, he just jacked my fruit bar!

You furry bar jacker!

Going to get my fruit bar!

You better give me back my fruit bar, I'm serious!

Ah! I'm going down!

What? This is your fault.

And when the force gets near the plate, the plate moves away.

It excreting while you eat.

She calls it that.

I don't.


Well come on, we're friends.

Sure I do remember last week? You were at the girls bathroom and I told you to shut up!

Here is your fork...and....

Hurry eat the spaghetti!

That thing moves fast!

That was a nice emergency room.


It happens! And they sowed his nose back on!

It's due in the morning! We're gonna get an F!

What are you doing?

What do you mean you made a game?

Cool, how do you play?

Okay that's not a game. That's a pointless activity.

Okay, then that game's our science project.

So, you're weird, he's weird. What's wring with weird?

Yah, using a game benefits humanity.

And you're a human, right?

Yah and you said that playing that game makes you happy, okay so that means that's our new science project.

After we fix it. Yah, we need to make the game cool.

Girl, chill. Why not?

Come on! It's good music. It's a new song by Double G!

The game is about eating donuts. Any questions?

Any intelligent questions?

It's a new song by Double G called "Drop Dat What"!

Mr. Sammich?

Excuse me but we put the game online for 0.99c download!

So, we if people buy it and we get money...that benefits us a lot.

Oh, yah...

He seems pretty serious.

Kenzie, Kenzie, okay. I realise I don't you that well but you seem like a mess.

What did I do?

You know I got an F too!

You don't see me on the floor rolling crying!

No, I set it to make sure people buy our game every time that sound clicks.

For 99c a pop! Check it out!

Pretty cool, better enough to forget about our F!

What, get out of here!

How can a boy that cute be that stupid!

What? OMG! Reload again!

We're No. 1!

Oh my god! You're GloZell!

Hey here she comes!

What is it?

That's so sweet.

From Grammy to Kenzie, remember me when you blip it.

I wanna talk to you about something.

Really? That's sweet!


Okay...well what I wanted to talk to you about was...

Okay so just let me talk to you about something before you...

Could you suck your olives more quiet please?

Where was I?

It's just...

That wasn't an earthquake.

Sorry about your bowl!

Thank you!! This place goes through a subway tunnel so when the train passes, it shakes.

So we take the half of money I made and the half money you made and we buy this building in Brooklyn!

Lost Jacket, Falling Pigeons

My Jacket!

Officer, there was a person on the subway chewing people's hair!

Cool like a fool!