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Babe & Kenzie is the friendly pairing between Babe Carano and Kenzie Bell. They are portrayed by Cree Cicchino and Madisyn Shipman.

Fan Names

  • Benzie
  • Bazie
  • Kenbe
  • Kenzabe
  • Kebabe
  • Babie
  • Kenabe
  • Babzie
  • Babenzie
  • Kenzibe
  • Babezie
  • Kabe


Season 1

Sky Whale

  • Babe and Kenzie were at the same science class.
  • Kenzie was looking at Babe when she try to catch the squirrel.
  • Since Babe was the only one left in class, she became Kenzie's partner.
  • Kenzie look at Babe weirdly when Babe was blaming the squirrel.
  • Babe was at Kenzie's house.
    Red carpet fame.jpg
  • They both introduce their project in the video.
  • Kenzie call the project "Eatexercising", but Babe disagree.
  • Babe call Kenzie "Her friend" even though Kenzie didn't see Babe as a friend.
  • According to Babe, Kenzie was whistling in the school bathroom, until Babe tell her to shut up.
  • They were both testing out their project on Kenzie's Grandpa.
  • Babe seem a little surprised when Kenzie yelled "Action!!!".
  • Babe and Kenzie both look happy when their project actually work.
  • Babe was looking at Kenzie explaining the battery she invented.
  • They both were in the house when it explode.
  • They both look shocked to see Kenzie's Grandpa hanging on the roof.
  • They both have ash dust on their face.
  • They were on the subway together.
  • Babe and Kenzie sit next to each other.
  • When Kenzie feel bad about blew up her Grandpa, Babe tried to cheer her up.
  • Babe told Kenzie that they will get an F, Kenzie start to freak out.
  • They were both looking at the man who joined Kenzie's conversation.
  • Babe was looking at Kenzie's computer.
  • Babe seems confuse to what Kenzie was talking about.
  • Kenzie explain to Babe about the game she create.
    I like kenzies shirt it looks like a alien kitty.gif
  • Babe ask Kenzie how to play her game.
  • Babe got a new idea about their science project from Kenzie.
  • Babe called Kenzie weird.
  • Babe explain to Kenzie how a video game benefit human.
  • They both looking at the boys on the subway.
  • Babe tells Kenzie to chill.
  • Kenzie explain to Babe why "that kind" of music is bad for her.
  • They both got annoyed: Kenzie got annoyed because the man start to shake his booty in front of her, and Babe got annoyed because Kenzie can't calm down.
  • Babe and Kenzie introduce "Sky Whale" in class together.
  • They both were shocked when teacher give them a "F".
  • Babe whisper in Kenzie's ear.
    What babe.jpg
  • Babe tried to stop Kenzie from rolling on the floor like a animal.
  • They both don't get each other's action: Kenzie don't get why Babe stays chill; Babe don't get why Kenzie is stressing out.
  • Kenzie thought Babe was was texting because her phone was beeping.
  • Babe explain to Kenzie that people were buying their game.
  • They both look at Hudson when he told them "Sky Whale" is on top ten.
  • Babe tell Kenzie that Hudson is cute but stupid.
  • Kenzie tell Babe what Hudson said is true.
  • Babe seems excited when Kenzie screaming because "Sky Whale" is now the top one game.
  • Their game originally is at top three, but a seconds later it became top one.
  • Babe look at Kenzie when the teacher bought up the "F" again.
  • Their names were both mentioned in the interview of "Sky Whale".
  • They both become famous.
  • Babe was waiting for Kenzie at the restaurant.
    Babe & Kenzie. new profile.jpeg
  • Babe think it's sweet that her Grandma give Kenzie "Blip it" for her birthday.
  • Babe read out loud the message on the back.
  • They both look at Hudson laugh for no reason.
  • Babe wanted to talk to Kenzie.
  • They both glad Glozell like their game.
  • They both took a selfie with Glozell while screaming.
  • Kenzie's jaw drop when Babe fell off the chair.
  • Babe was talking to Kenzie.
  • They both got annoyed by Hudson for sucking his olives so loud.
  • Babe was surprise that Kenzie starts to freak out because the restaurant is shaking.
  • Babe helped Kenzie up.
  • Babe tell Kenzie to clam down and explain why the restaurant is shaking.
  • Kenzie was still frighten so Babe held her arm and get back to their table.
  • Kenzie and Babe both look at Glozell when she screamed Sky Whale again.
  • Babe tell Kenzie her plan for making a game company.
  • Kenzie seems to be confuse of what Babe was planning.
    Babe Kenzie's pic.jpeg
  • Kenzie thinks Babe is crazy.
  • Babe trick Kenzie to say "Yes".
  • Kenzie look at Babe spin around by GloZell.
  • They both guest on the Pop News Nation interview.
  • Kenzie was shock that Babe use all the money they make for Sky Whale.
  • While Kenzie still thinking about their Company name, Babe announces her own idea to name it Game Shakers.
  • Babe want to surprise Kenzie to their new place.
  • Babe take Kenzie to the new Game shakers building.
  • They both checking out the interiors (Along with Hudson).
  • Babe ask Kenzie did she like the place.
  • Kenzie sorta answer Babe's question by nodding.
  • Babe Think Kenzie went into shock.
  • Babe try to stop Hudson for lifting Kenzie.
  • According to Double G's agent, there were some news about Babe and Kenzie bought the building.
  • They both testing the Motion Capture test for Sky Whale.
  • Kenzie was curious why Babe hire Hudson.
  • Kenzie agrees with Babe about Hudson will do anything they command.
  • They both smiling at Hudson when he's flying up.
  • They both surprised when Double G walk in and throw the smoke bomb.
  • Kenzie look at Babe explaining about stealing Double G's music.
  • Kenzie call Babe and herself criminals.
  • They both shocked when Double said they own him 1.2 million dollars.
  • They both look concern why Hudson hit the wall and crash.
  • They both explain to double G and his gang about spending all their money.
  • They both frighten when Ruthless yell at them.
  • Kenzie ask Babe for plan.
  • Babe told Kenzie(And Hudson) her plan.
  • Kenzie question Babe about "Do nothing" for their plan.
  • Babe explain to Kenzie (And Hudson) the reason for doing nothing.
  • They both look at Hudson fly up again when Babe trigger the controller.
  • They both speachless when Hudson said "Again again!"
  • They (Along with the rest of the class) all get up and check out the helicopter.
  • When Kenzie found out that is Double G's helicopter, Babe and her(With Hudson) ask Mr. Sammich to excuse then right now.
  • They both starts to panic.
  • Kenzie agree with Babe's fake excuse.
  • They (Along with Hudson) turn around when Double G busted in.
  • Kenzie glance at Babe.
  • As Babe sigh, they (Along with Hudson) ran away from Double G.
  • They (Along with Hudson) run to the Game Shakers for hide-out.
  • Kenzie help Babe block the doors.
  • They (Along with Hudson) all screamed when they saw Double G and his gang.
  • Kenzie look at Babe for bagging Double G.
  • Babe and Kenzie both look at Triple G pulling Hudson down from the hook.
  • When Triple G accidentally pull Hudson's pants, Kenzie cover her face while Babe cover her mouth.
  • Babe try to stop Kenzie for tackle Ruthless.
  • They both listen to Double G's story.
  • They both(Along with the rest of the gang) were confuse by Bunny.
  • They both tell Double G about partnership.
  • Babe and Kenzie both sign the contract for partner up with Double G.
  • They share their first hug.
  • They both got begged by Triple G for giving him a job.
  • Triple G hug Babe and Kenzie's legs.
  • Babe agree with Kenzie about having a party.

Lost on the Subway

  • Babe felt bad for punching Kenzie

Babe's Fake Disease

  • Babe throws Kenzie out the window
  • At Game Shakers Kenzie kept giving Babe Dirty Looks
  • Kenzie told Babe she deserved Dirty Looks.
  • Babe told Kenzie to run.

Similarities & Differences


  • They are both females.
  • They both have brown hair.
  • They both have brown eyes.
  • They both are the creators of "Sky Whale", "Dirty Blob", "Tiny Pickles", "Punchy Face", "Pop Star Surgeon", "Scubaroo", and "Nasty Goats"
  • They both are in same science class.
  • They both get an F on the project "Sky Whale".
  • They're both creators of Game Shakers


  • Babe displays an easy confidence, but Kenzie is neurotic.
  • Kenzie wears glasses, but Babe doesn't.
  • Kenzie cared deeply about her grade while Babe doesn't.
  • Babe ships Carly and Freddie while Kenzie ships Sam and Freddie.


This information is currently unknown.


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