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A Job for Jimbo is the fifteenth episode in Season 1 of Game Shakers. It premiered on January 30, 2016 to an audience of 1.80 million viewers.


At Game Shakers, Babe, Kenzie, Hudson and Trip are working on a garbage tank game called Scubaroo. Hudson then drops Trip's backpack into the tank. Trip's headphones die. The delivery guy arrives and when Dub arrives he leaves. Dub tells them he is gonna do a duet with a famous singer named Diana Devane. She arrives and says her step-grandson will love it at Game Shakers. His name is Jimbo and is 22 years old. Jimbo is finding a new job and Dub says that he can work at Game Shakers. Hudson then dives into garbage water.

They are doing tests for Scubaroo. Hudson isn't thinking about Scubaroo. Hudson is thinking of a man pouch he made. Dub, Diana and Jimbo arrive. Jimbo tells them he worked at the Cheesecake Factory for 3 weeks and Shoe Locker for 4 days. He got fired. He gets a job at Game Shakers and Dub and Diana are gonna sing a duet. Dub is excited. Jimbo drops ice and breaks Kenzie's chair. Later, Jimbo is taking a bath. Later, Jimbo turns the suckage on and it sucks Trip's hair. Jimbo then gets fired. Hudson gives Trip a can of olives.

At school, Hudson asks Andrew for his cellphone number. Dub, Bunny and Ruthless arrive and tell the kids they have recess. Bunny, Ruthless and Andrew leave and Dub starts crying that his duet is canceled. Dub says that it was his dream to sing a duet with Diana. They plan to rehire Jimbo. Bunny and Ruthless abuse Andrew. At Fooders, Jimbo says no for the job. Babe and Kenzie tell Jimbo to please come back. He says yes and Babe and Kenzie have to sing the song. At Dub's headquarters, Hudson gives Ruthless a man pouch. Dub and Diana start recording their duet. Diana sings horrible. Diana is unaware her voice is horrible.


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  • This is the first of a few episodes directed by Nathan Kress.
  • One of the places Jimbo worked at was the Cheesecake Warehouse, a place that was also seen in the iCarly episode "iWin a Date".
  • The tube Trip uses is the same as those from the iCarly episode "iBeat the Heat".

International Airings

  • May 12, 2016 - France

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